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These are a couple of short books I wrote years and years ago. One is very personal, and the other is about Machiavelli. Take that as you will:

Grieving Futures: Surviving the Deaths of My Parents

I was 24 when my mother died, and 26 when my father passed away. Because of that catastrophe, I lost the family home and any stability I ever counted on. It was, in the parlance, a clusterfuck.

In the aftermath I made some bad decisions, but mostly I did not make any decisions at all and fifteen years later I was falling down into a dark valley of emotional and psychological breakdowns. I think I hit bottom, but all I know for sure is that I hit hard. Grieving Futures is about how I got there.

A Princely Primer: The Wisdom of Machiavelli

This is a guide for anyone who wants to study the lessons of Machiavelli‘s great political treatise but who does not have the time, patience, or wherewithal to suffer through the real thing.

It is also a definitive answer to that nagging question: Did Machiavelli really write that? (I expect academicians will denounce me as plebian, but those rarefied hothouse flowers can go back to parsing Plato’s angels and leave the rest of us alone.)

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