Commencement: a beginning or start.

I thought maybe “commencement” would be too pompous a word to use for this, the last of the advent, which is not an advent day at all but the actual New Year itself. Yet, that kind of pomposity is exactly what I think the start of a new year needs.

For two weeks I’ve been on vacation from my day job — a luxury that many don’t get, and something I am especially grateful for. Having a break like this is definitely one of the benefits of working in higher education, and I do not miss the many years I worked in professions such as tech support or retail or customer service where this kind of vacation would have been unimaginable.

Having the time to really process the past year and look ahead, I’ve gained insight into the motivations driving my goals and, from those, been able to focus on what my intentions are for the year. The traditional “commencement ceremony” I think fits this process, where past accomplishments are celebrated, mistakes reflected upon, and the future is welcomed if still unknown.

I have a schedule I’ve worked out to get me through the weeks ahead. I have a two year plan and a five year plan — the five year plan I had in 2015 was derailed by both 2015 and 2016, but I think I’m ready to get back on that horse.

I’m opening the door to 2017 and starting this journey, which will be hard but not impossible. Let it commence!


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