Persistence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

I think the idea for today’s theme really has roots deep in 2016 — even though it has not been a particularly tragic year for me personally (I’ve survived much, much worse), it was still a year of trudging through emotional pain and personal frustration. On top of that of course is the fact that is was a year of national grief and cultural despair due to cultural icons dying and the politics in my country absolutely going bat-fucking-insane. Persistence has been a very necessary quality just to keep from going into deep reclusion. *sad!face*

To put a more positive spin on it for 2017, today I thought a lot about what I would need in order for my plans to come to fruition, and the answer was self-evident: persistence. As I looked over my nascent plans and out-sized goals, I saw that it’s all going to be pretty hard on me, cumulatively.

I’m calling on the kinds of reserves I have not pulled on since I graduated grad school, which were but a shadow of the kind of effort I put into being a care-taker for my parents in my mid-20s. These plans, comparatively, will be easy. I just need to remember to hang in there — muddle through — persevere!


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