Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan.

I felt that determination comes before intention, because without the emotion of determination we won’t make the intellectual choice of intention.

Today I spent time hammering out my plans, trying to make them reasonable and not overly strict. I do not want to fall into the time management trap of trying to be busy of every moment of every day. I need time to relax and sleep and walk the dog and read fanfic. I can’t push myself so hard I either drop out or have a break down.

Instead of making some kind of crazy, impossible “daily to-do” list, my intention is to focus on the core pillars of my goal: writing, doing art (drawing/painting), and self-care. I’m going to take these three pillars and “build my house upon them.” It will mean that 2017 will not be the year of socializing, dating, traveling, dance lessons, or learning to play violin. Those are all things I want to do, but I cannot do everything, if only because I don’t have the time. When I’m not focusing on the three pillars, I’ll be at the day!job.

Spare time will be scarce and treasured. My goals may or may not be met. These risks, though are worth taking, because my intention is to build a better life for myself, one I have dreamed of for years.

I’m ready, and it’s time.


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