This guy, he’s not even subtle.

I actually went on one date with this dude — we met on FSU campus back when I was in grad school and working at the Senator Pepper Archives, so about 2012 or so. It was one of those dates where the guy seems “nice” and I’m terrible at saying “no” and I figured, one date and done.

He picked me up for lunch and just started driving. Didn’t ask where I wanted to go, didn’t tell me where we were going. After a few miles I decided I wanted to know so I asked, and he seemed confused then said, “Subway.” So yeah, we had a terrible lunch at Subway and he seemed cagey and it was awkward and I was relieved when he dropped me off at work.

I am not proud to say I dodged his calls after that, but then it got…weirder. I had told him I don’t like talking on the phone and to email me. He never emailed me. He called me repeatedly and left messages on my phone, and when I did not call back, he found the number for my work and started calling there (I never gave him that number). He finally “caught” me on the phone at work and suggested we have a second date. His idea for a second date was to come by my place so I could cook for him. 

I politely told him to sod off, not to call back. To be fair, he never did.

What he’s done instead is that any time he catches me walking somewhere, he pulls into a nearby parking lot and tries to ambush me. He acts like we’ve never met, and asks for things like directions somewhere or what a “good drink” is at the place he found me. I always politely say “I can’t help you, sorry” and then proceed to ignore him. He hovers for a bit then finally leaves.

Tonight, I walked to Decent Pizza down Monroe Ave., and he must have seen me, because no sooner do I order and sit down than he comes in. He didn’t order, just asked for a menu. He took the menu and just as I knew he would he sat down in the booth behind me. After a couple of minutes he tried to ask me what a good pizza to order was. I was pretty rude this time, told him “I’m not here to socialize” and he left me alone.

He sat there for a while, long enough for me to text a friend in case I would need an escort home. But then he got up and left.

I think next time I will go up to his car and take a picture of his license plate and share it with friends. I don’t know who this guy is — at this point, I do not even remember his damn name — but he’s creepy and it’s been five years and I’d like him to stop zeroing in on me when I’m walking around town.

This is why women are suspicious of men we don’t know, because it’s impossible to tell when things will get dangerous, or how far it will escalate. I’m glad right now he has not figured out where I live.

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