Keely had her first visit with my veterinarian of choice, and we learned some things. Good things, bad things.


  • Good:
    • She’s in overall-all excellent health, and the heartworms are definitively gone.
    • She’s younger than was estimated, probably only between 6-7 years, not “over 8” as was originally thought.
    • She’s cleared for exercise! …neither Keely nor I know what that word means.
    • We have a grooming appointment next week to get all the old nasty hair cut off and I am all aflutter about how ADORABLY CUTE SHE WILL BE Y’ALL IT’LL BE MAGICAL
    • Got the anti-flea, anti-heartworms meds going, whee.
    • She got a lady-girl “hygeine trim” for her delicate areas, which (given I have not had to care for long-haired female dogs before) I did not know was a thing, but wards of UTIs, so all power to the hygeine trim, may we all be so blessed.
  • BAD
    • Teeth. Not a surprise, but sad!making: the vet says based on the “wear and tear” the damage is probably from being kept in a cage, and gnawing/biting at the wire. One tooth is for sure cracked and will have to come out (appt. for that surgery is in Dec., so I have time to brace myself for the worry. Brace yourself for my worry as well).
    • Bump on neck: almost definitely a BB shot that got fatty deposits over the wound after it healed. No, this does make me murderous with rage, why do you ask???? *sharpens knives and fingernails*
    • Tapeworm: also not a surprise, for reasons (ewwww). But not serious, and she’s got meds for that now, and tomorrow is a new day.

Overall, it was a good visit. Expensive, what with the blood and stool sample analysis and flea/heartworm meds for the next few months. But I’ve spent more money for less valuable things in my life, so I am not going to complain about it. Keely was, as always, exceptionally well behaved and earned the adoration of everyone who saw her.

It was stressful for her, though. She’s been mostly recuperating, even refusing to go out on a walk when the doggie sitter got here, and not entirely too interested in going out when I got home. I get it: doctor visits stress me out too.

So we’re going to bed early. Nite, nite!


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