KimBoo York, MLIS

KimBoo York, MLIS


Author, librarian, introvert. A grand lover…of coffee. My patronus is Grumpy Cat and my house is Slytherin, but I’m classified as squib because there is no magic in my heart. Cursed to live during interesting times.  

Keely Boo York

Keely Boo York

Procrastinator in Chief

The better soul of the house, and probably the smartest too. Definitely the cutest. She’s what gets me out of bed in the mornings and makes my life far more joyous every day than I deserve.  ♥

bad years are like controlled burns*

Today is the last day of 2017. There is a lot that history will say about 2017, with many unkind but highly accurate words. I think most of us have already been using those words, often laced with profanity. But this is essay is a personal reflection and, critically,...

The flip side of property insurance claiming

Thinking about property insurance claims? I bet you are. So listen up: I was a property insurance adjuster for Citizens Property Insurance from 2005-2007, dealing with the aftermath of the 2004 hurricane season, and I’m going to give you advice. I know you all know...

Livejournal and days gone by…

I got my livejournal account wayyyy back in 2004; from there I updated it irregularly until I fell into fandom in 2007, when I became a power user of LJ and a huge proponent of the site. I paid for my accounts annually and probably would have kept doing so until...

Leave no one Destroyed

I cannot tolerate the idea that such a love might bring the worst kind of loss and grief into anyone’s life.

Stranger Things, stranger theories

[major spoilers for the TV show Stranger Things below. don't say I didn't warn you!] So okay, here's my response to a lot of fan theories circulating. I have to admit I'm disappointed with the meta about this show -- maybe I'm used to higher standards? But everyone is...

Keely Update – Six Months Later edition

The first photo accompanying this blog post is the first I ever saw of Keely, which was on her bio at the Big Dog Rescue website back in August, 2016. My plan had been to spend a few weeks perusing available dog listings before deciding to meet a few and then pick the...

Recommendation Triptych: America in the 1920s

This time I’ve got three books that I recommend reading in a specific order, from broad-spectrum overview to a discrete, specific event that happened in the summer of 1927. I think reading these books in that order, one after another, gives a very nuanced perspective...

Updatery part elevenhundy

If you've been keeping up with my blog at all (I mean, who hasn't, amirite?!?!?) then you've been keeping up with my "blog a day for a year" posts, right up until there were no more blogs-a-day. I stopped before I hit the 200 mark, so yeah, far from making the goal of...

{198} Some days are just lonely

I don't spend much time feeling sorry for myself, but tonight is one of those nights. Maybe it was work being a rolling clusterfuck of IT issues all day. Maybe it was my bus running late and thus making me miss my connection so I ended up waiting around in the cold at...

{197} The Website that Broke Me

The Self-Authoring Suite at I figured to just put it there in the subheading to get past the suspense. I want to make clear, though, that the "breaking" I'm talking about was actually a form of progress for me. In mid 2015, suffering from...

lovin' on kimboo

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